Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Bluehost Affiliate program

Bluehost are a web hosting company offering a range of domain registration and hosting services for people and companies wishing to get online.

They also run the affiliate program that offers one of the highest affiliate commissions.

If you refer a new customer to Bluehost, then you receive $65 US Dollars per sale as commission.

So, if you refer ten customers through your affiliate account in a month, the amount that is payable to you would be $650. 20 sales would equate to $1300, 30 sales to $1950 and so on…

There are no restrictions on Australians signing up to the Bluehost Affiliate program. It’s a global program.

Bluehost Web Hosting Offer

Before we look at the Affiliate Program in a little more detail, let’s first check out what services Bluehost are selling…

Bluehost offer a range of hosting services, namely Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.  They also offer domain name registration services where customers can order web addresses for their website.

For people who want to run WordPress websites, Bluehost is a recommended host by WordPress themselves.

All websites need to be hosted somewhere (it provides the 24/7 connection to the Internet) and Bluehost are a well-known reliable host with over over 2 million sites hosted.

The Bluehost Shared Hosting Package is a good starter package for the following reasons:

  • The price is reasonable (even if the best price is based on a 3 year commitment)
  • Bluehost are recommended by WordPress
  • The support is good (Telephone, Email and Live Chat support)
  • You can add unlimited websites, unmetered space, unlimited email addresses and free secure certificates with their Shared Plus and Choice Plus accounts.

Bluehost Web Affiliate Program

Bluehost’s Affiliate Program is one of the better paid mainstream programs available.

You can sign up for a Bluehost affiliate account and promote their services. 

Bluehost give all accepted affiliates a unique tracking address so users that you promote Bluehost to, click on your link or advert and get redirected to Bluehost.  If any of those users sign up for a hosting account, then you (the affiliate) will receive a payout from Bluehost.

How much do Bluehost pay affiliates?

Bluehost pay out a $65 US Dollars Bounty for sign-ups you send their way.

When do Bluehost pay their affiliates??

Bluehost pay affiliates approximately 45 to 60 days after the end of the month for which the affiliate bounty has been accrued.  For example, if you referred a paying customer to Bluehost in January, then you would expect to be paid mid-end of March.

How do Bluehost pay their affiliates?

Bluehost pay affiliates using Paypal.

How do I apply for the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

You can sign up for the Bluehost Affiliate Program by visiting:

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