Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program Review

Builderall is currently creating a lot of noise in the world of Affiliate Marketing, so we thought it was time to check out the platform and the Affiliate Program on offer.

Builderall is a marketing platform consisting of a number of products to set up websites, sales funnels, social media promotion and more. You can use the software to market any business but you can also join a highly lucrative affiliate program to sell Builderall itself. The Program is 2-Tier leveraged which provides recurring income.  We have provided the Builderall earnings calculator below for you to do the math. 

There are no restrictions on Australians signing up to the Builderall Affiliate program. It’s a global program.

The Builderall Suite of Products

First, we checked out what the platform consisted of.  If you join the Affiliate Program then you are essentially promoting subscriptions to this software. 

Builderall is a cloud-based software package (meaning you can access and use all of the software from within the web browser and don’t need to download and install individual software tools).  The software package itself includes the following:

  • Drag and Drop Website Builders
  • Unlimited Website Hosting (Host as many websites as you like)
  • Pre-built website templates for dozens of different types of business
  • Pre-built sales page templates for any marketing campaign
  • Pre-built sales funnels by expert marketers
  • Analytics software
  • Facebook and Pixel Integration Tools
  • Facebook Messenger and Chatbot Tools
  • Email Marketing and Professional Automation (unlimited mailing lists, sequenced campaigns)
  • Sales Machines
  • Webinar Creation and Management Software
  • Course Creation Tools … and much more!

If you need additional information on the toolset and the suite of products, then click here to visit the Builderall website. It gives a detailed breakdown.

Builderall provide a range of out of the box sales funnels that you can use for either your own business or you can use them to promote Builderall subscriptions within the lucrative Affiliate Program.

Alternatively, you can create your own sales funnels with the drag and drop builder software that is included in the software. Check out the example by Liam James Kay who is one of Builderall’s top earners.

Liam James Kay Builderall Million Dollar Challenge
An Builderall Example Funnel (click to view)

In respect of the products on the platform, our assessment is that they are mixed bunch.  We don’t think any of the individual products would be classed as a market leader but as an overall suite of products it represents good value at $49.50 per month.  The training videos are possibly worth that alone.  

With the Builderall package, everything is geared toward sales and marketing.  You will find better individual “technical” packages elsewhere… just not all together in one place. 

The Affiliate Program (more below) is arguably the best we have come across.

The Builderall Affiliate Program

Bluilderall’s Affiliate Program is a 2-Tier leveraged structure meaning you earn not only from the people that you refer to Builderall, but you also earn additional income from the people that they go onto recruit.

How much do Builderall pay affiliates?

The Builderall Earnings Calculator is as follows:

How many licenses can you sell in one year?

How many will work as an affiliate?

How many sells each affiliate will make?

Your immediate earnings


Your monthly income
In addition to immediate earnings


Total direct clients


Total 2nd Tier clients


When do Builderall pay their affiliates??

Builderall pay out affiliate earnings 5 days after each subcription. This is in stark contrast to most Affiliate Programs where you generally wait 1-2 months to be paid.

How do Builderall pay their affiliates?

Builderall pay affiliates using Paypal or Bank Transfer for larger payments.

How do I apply for the Builderall Affiliate Program?

To become a Builderall Affiliate, you need to be a subscriber to the platform.  Our assessment is that the suite of tools and training video courses alone are worthy of the subscription.  Once you have subscribed you automatically become an affiliate and can start earning money right away.

Click here to sign up for the Builderall Platform. ( This provides access to the full array of tools and immediate acceptance into the Affiliate Program)

2 thoughts on “Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program Review”

  1. Dear sir or madam,

    Currently I have been on Builderall since June the 15th, and I am paying 26.90 EU every month to continue using their services (which is the “Professional” subscription, if I’m correct). My first Affiliate website was one about quitting smoking and how my e-cigarette had helped me quit. I put a lot of time and effort into it and I got a lot of compliments from my environment, saying it’d look neat and professional. However, after looking at the legality of promoting e-cigarettes and tobacco in general, I decided it was best to quit working on that site to avoid getting into legal trouble. Here in the Netherlands, the government is pretty scrict about promoting anything related to tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Recently I created a second website, only I’m afraid about the uncertainty of getting paid once I put the site live. The more I read about this Affiliate Program Builderall has, the more uncertain I am becoming they will allow me to get paid this way (and with this subscription). Could you please help me find some answers to the questions I have?

    I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

    • Max, I doubt the Builderall team will have any concerns with your website ideas. They are just giving you the platform and tools. Your issues are more related to the laws your own country have. I would suggest legal advice.

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