GeneratePress Affiliate Program

GeneratePress produce one of the most popular WordPress themes.

They also run an affiliate program that offers a 35% commission per sale.

The basic GeneratePress theme is free but they sell a GP Premium plugin to extend the functionality.

GeneratePress Offer

Before we look at the Affiliate Program in a little more detail, let’s first check out what GeneratePress are selling…

GeneratePress have produced one of the more popular WordPress themes. It is a fast, lightweight, mobile responsive theme built with speed, SEO and usability in mind. Over 100,000 users have installed the basic theme.

The basic theme is free but can be upgraded with their GP Premium Plugin to unlock a lot more features.  The plugin costs $49.95 and can be used on unlimited websites.

GeneratePress Affiliate Program

You can sign up for a GeneratePress affiliate account and promote their services. 

GeneratePress give all accepted affiliates a unique tracking address so users that you promote GeneratePress to, click on your link or advert and get redirected to their website.  If any of those users sign up for the paid plugins such as GP Premium, then you (the affiliate) will receive a payout from GeneratePress.

The Cookie lasts 60 days, so if you refer a customer to the GeneratePress site then if they make a purchase within 60 days then you will get commission (assuming they haven’t cleared cookies in their browser).

How much do GeneratePress pay affiliates?

GeneratePress pay out 35% commissions on paid purchases. 

So, a purchase of a $49.95 USD GP Premium Plugin would net commission of $17.48

When do GeneratePress pay their affiliates??

GeneratePress pay affiliates once a month. Affiliates will need to have $50 or more in commissions to be paid out or the figure rolls onto the next month.

How do GeneratePress pay their affiliates?

GeneratePress pay affiliates using Paypal.

How do I apply for the GeneratePress Affiliate Program?

You can sign up for the GeneratePress Affiliate Program by visiting:

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